TOEFL or Test of English as a foreign language and as the name suggests is a popular English proficiency exam. All students who wish to pursue their studies in a foreign country may opt for this exam. This exam is accepted in all North American Universities, as a text as to whether the students will be able to write, speak and understand the language as it is done in their home country. The test is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Nations where English is the de facto official language, TOEFL exemption is granted automatically.

Undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs around the world require students to demonstrate their ability to communicate in English as an entrance requirement.
The TOEFL test gives students the opportunity to prove they can communicate ideas effectively by simulating university classroom and student life communication. The language used in the test reflects real-life English-language usage in university lectures, classes, and laboratories. It is the same language professors use when they discuss coursework or concepts with students. It is the language students use in study groups and everyday university situations, such as buying books at the bookstore. The reading passages are from real textbooks and course materials.

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