SAT Guide

What Is on the SAT?

It will include a student-written essay and a multiple-choice writing section testing students’ ability to identify sentence errors, improve sentences, and improve paragraphs. Although grammar and usage will be tested, students will not be asked to define or use grammatical terms, and spelling and capitalization will not be tested. The essay section will be the first part of the test. The Math section will include arithmetic, geometry, Algebra I, and some advanced math covering topics in Algebra II, statistics, probability, and data analysis. The test will measure reasoning ability and problem-solving skills. The other parts of the test will contain some long and shorter reading passages, long paired passages, short paired passages, and sentence completion questions.

How Will the Test Be Scored?

There will be a range of three scores, each from 200 to 800, for the Writing, Math, and Critical Reading sections.

How Long Will the Test Be?

The total time of the test will be 3 hours and 45 minutes.

What Verbal Background Must I Have?

The reading and vocabulary level is at the 10th- to 12th-grade level, but strategies presented in this book will help you even if you are at a lower grade level.

What Math Background Must I Have?

The Math part will test first- and second-year algebra (Algebra I and II) and geometry.
However, if you use common sense, rely on just a handful of geometrical formulas, and learn the strategies and thinking skills presented in this book, you don’t need to take a full course in geometry or memorize all the theorems.

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