Peer to Peer (P2P): Challenging Extremism

Challenging Extremism

Location: Worldwide


University students from around the world develop and execute campaigns and social media strategies against extremism that are credible, authentic, and believable to their peers and resonate within their communities sponsored by Facebook and U.S. Department of State…


Student teams, working with their faculty advisor, review client objectives and program resources.

Teams research the target market and create a strategy designed to best reach and influence their peers.

Each team receives $2,000 (USD equivalency) to produce a real campaign that has measurable impact on their campus, community and country.

Competition between top teams. U.S. Department of State and the Facebook Global Digital Challenge recognize the top six teams with scholarship awards ranging from $5000 to $1000.

Students form into a student-led social media agency and perform primary research on their chosen target audience. Using a $2,000 USD operational budget and $400 in Facebook ad credits, the teams design, pilot, implement and measure the success of a social or digital initiative, product or tool that:

✦  Motivates or empowers students to become involved in countering violent extremism.
✦  Catalyzes other students to create their own initiatives, products or tools to counter violent extremism.
✦  Builds a network or community of interest focused on living shared values that also counter violent extremism. 
✦  Universities are challenged to counter the pervasiveness of extremism on social media in ways that are credible and authentic to their peers and communities.
✦  Collaboration between Facebook, U.S. Department of State (international) and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (U.S. domestic).
✦  Most students earn academic credit, as P2P can be dropped into courses ranging from international relations, peace, conflict and terrorism studies, to marketing, advertising, communications and media arts.
✦  P2P is flexible and can even be:

  • ✦ implemented via a Special Topics course where the focus is entirely P2P
  • ✦ implemented as an independent student team with academic advisor
  • ✦ hosted by an academic organization

✦  No limits on creativity, but students must implement their projects and demonstrate effectiveness.
✦  Top teams enter and win all-expenses-paid travel for regional competitions, and global finalists win all-expenses-paid travel to Washington, DC, where they present to senior government officials and practitioners, Facebook leadership and earn cash awards.


Deadline: The application period is open for one or more cycles a year.

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