Tara Getty Foundation Cambridge Scholarship

  • Scholarships
  • United Kingdom
  • January 7, 2021
  • Scholarships
  • United Kingdom
  • January 7, 2021

Univeristy of Cambridge

This scholarship is available to Masters applicants who are citizens of any country in Africa. It is tenable at any College.

Details Application:

No separate application is required for this scholarship, only the application to the University of Cambridge.


With more than 18,000 students from all walks of life and all corners of the world, over 11,000 staff, 31 Colleges and 150 Departments, Faculties, Schools and other institutions, no two days are ever the same at the University of Cambridge.

At the heart of this confederation of Departments, Schools, Faculties and Colleges is a central administration team. It is small because the Colleges are self-governing and teaching staff carry out much of the daily administration at Cambridge.


The University is a confederation of Schools, Faculties, Departments and Colleges. The Colleges are governed by their own statutes and regulations, but are integral to the make-up of the University of Cambridge.


Students live, eat and socialise in one of the University’s 31 autonomous Colleges. Undergraduates receive College supervisions – small group teaching sessions – regarded as one of the best teaching models in the world.

Each College has its own internal procedures. They select their own students, subject to University regulations, and most admit both undergraduate and postgraduate students. College representatives sit on the University Council and Finance Committee.


There are six Schools, which each form an administrative grouping of Faculties and other institutions. They are: Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology.

There is a Council of each School – including representatives of its Faculties and Departments. The Schools are represented on the General Board.

Faculties and Departments

University Faculties organise teaching and research into individual subjects or groups of subjects. Their work is normally organised into sub-divisions called Departments.

Centres of studies are controlled by committees of management, bringing together representatives from several disciplines.

Opportunity is About: Administration Agriculture, Biology & Animal Science Architecture & Construction Design & Graphic Design Chemistry Computers & IT Economics & Business Education Energy Engineering Environment Geography & Outer Space History & Anthropology Human Rights International Affairs Languages Law Media, Marketing & PR Medicine, Nursing & Psychology Military & Security Physics & Math Politics Religion Society Sport & Fitness Arts, Video & Photography Tourism & Hospitality Transportation

Eligibility Candidates should be from: Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Comoros Congo: Democratic Republic Congo: Republic Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Ivory Coast Kenya Lesotho Liberia Libya Madagascar Malawi Mali Mauritania Mauritius Morocco Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia South Africa South Sudan Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda Western Sahara Zambia Zimbabwe.


Description of Ideal Candidate:

Priority will be given to those on the Africa Foundation CLEF programme and those applying for courses in conservation.

Deadline: January 07, 2021

Cost/funding for participants:
Fully Funded


University tuition fee
Annual stipend (sufficient for a single person)

To apply for this job please visit www.cambridgetrust.org.

To apply for this job please visit www.cambridgetrust.org.

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