2021 Atlantic Fellows Programme for Social and Economic Equity

AFSEE programme

Are you a social change leader committed to advancing justice and equity? Do you want to understand the processes that are causing and deepening inequalities? Are you willing to join forces with a global network of peers to mount a collective challenge to inequality? Via two tracks, Residential and Non-Residential, the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme combines rigorous academic coursework with practical approaches to fostering social change.

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity at the International Inequalities Institute is a fantastic opportunity for those from social movement, civil society, academic, campaign or policy-making organisations to investigate and challenge the causes of inequalities.

The Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity will identify, prepare and connect cohorts of diverse, multidisciplinary and action-oriented leaders seeking radical solutions to the structural and historic barriers that underpin inequalities globally. You will be immersed in cutting-edge academic coursework and social change leadership training. Leadership is an essential component of the course, and you will work towards developing as a social change leader. You will become part of a wider network of Fellows, and will share insights and expertise, connecting at both LSE and the University of Cape Town. You will engage with leading activists and visionaries in their field, to shape challenges to inequality.

Over the next 20 years the programme will support 600 Fellows in developing innovative understandings of inequalities and work towards finding real-world solutions. Drawn from both academia and organisations actively working to combat inequalities, these Fellows will provide a range of perspectives and insights to their work, regularly coming together to help broaden the scope of their research and develop new approaches.

Residential Track

We offer up to 9 Residential Fellowships annually.

Residential Fellows undertake a full-time, one-year MSc in Inequalities and Social Science at LSE, in addition to AFSEE Modules and a dedicated mentorship.

The Residential Track is only suitable for people who are able to dedicate themselves to full-time study for a full academic year. Residential Fellows are required to relocate to London for the duration of the MSc programme. For the 2021-22 cohort, Residential Fellows will be expected to be resident in London from mid-September 2021 (exact date TBC).


The MSc in Inequalities and Social Science at LSE is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and wide-ranging programme that draws on expertise from leading academics in LSEs departments including Sociology, Social Policy, Media and Communications, Economics, Gender, Government, and Methodology. Its core course provides a strong grounding in the study, measurement and structures of inequalities. Additional elective courses, suited to a broad range of interests, are offered.

The Residential Track of the AFSEE programme provides an intensive learning experience centred on building rigorous, interdisciplinary knowledge in inequalities and research skills. Residential Fellows will focus on improving their understanding and knowledge base in order to go on to lead advances in solutions to inequalities. Residential Fellows are expected to arrive with a clear agenda and plan for applying the knowledge and research skills they will gain through their participation in an immersive academic experience.


In addition to their commitment to their MSc degree study, Residential Fellows will participate in four AFSEE Modules*, alongside Non-Residential Fellows.

Module 1: Core Concepts in Social and Economic Inequalities, September 2021 | London, UK
Module 2: Leadership and Social Change, November 2021 | London, UK
Module 3: Leadership and Social Change, April 2022| London, UK
Module 4: Inequalities in Africa and Collective Leadership, June 2022 | Cape Town, South Africa
*Projected dates; subject to adjustment.

Description of Ideal Candidate:
We are looking for Fellows who are bold, risky, and ready to challenge power; who see the bigger picture about how inequalities are playing out; who are imaginative and radical about solutions; who bring care and collaboration into their practice; who are not focused on advancing their careers, but are truly committed to changing the world.

In particular, we are looking for:


Deep commitment to social change, backed by seven to ten years of considerable real-world experience in challenging inequalities in activist, campaigning, arts, civil society, or other settings. Individuals with less than seven but at least five years of experience will also be considered, based on their achievements in youth organising or activism.

Clarity of vision

Innovative ideas, a clear sense of purpose, and a plan for using the learning offered by the programme to produce real future impact, through an idea for a dissertation or project.
Readiness to grow in confidence and influence as a leader, in ways that embrace and advance the principles of social and economic equity, and their practice.
Potential to have impact

Courage to pursue lasting and meaningful change for economic and social equity, with potential to be instrumental in shaping an inspiring vision, direction, and agenda for social change in specific geographies, fields, professions, and beyond.
Capacity to absorb and leverage the network, resources, and skills offered through the Fellowship.
Social and emotional maturity

Interest in learning from and engaging with different perspectives and experiences from across a range of contexts, with a corresponding ability to navigate complexity and diversity.
Openness to fully engage with the whole AFSEE learning journey, including the intellectual and personal transformation this process entails.
Commitment to collaboration

Willingness to actively contribute to a sustained peer-led, value-driven community.
Commitment to work with and support others in achieving individual and collective impact.
We are especially keen to support applicants:

Living in the global South (in particular Africa, Far East, Middle East, South America, South East Asia, and the Indian subcontinent), although this factor will never be considered in isolation.
Who do not otherwise have the resources to finance their participation in such activities, especially those from the global South.
Who may not have had access to fellowship opportunities in the past.

Deadline: October 22, 2020

Cost/funding for participants:
Fully Funded

Residential Fellows receive support from a dedicated LSE academic mentor, from the AFSEE Academic Lead through monthly meetings and regular check-ins, and via further opportunities for engagement offered throughout the year.

The Residential Track of the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme is a funded fellowship. The fellowship includes full tuition fees, an £18,000 stipend to cover living costs while in London, travel to and from Cape Town for the South Africa module, and travel to and from London at the beginning and end of the active Fellowship, including reimbursement of visa fees.

Modest financial support is available for Fellows who have family care responsibilities. In the event of emergencies, the programme has a Resilience Fund to which Fellows can apply. Further information is available on request.

To apply for this job please visit afsee.atlanticfellows.org.

To apply for this job please visit afsee.atlanticfellows.org.

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