About Us

Founded in 2020, YEL helps students to apply to over 1,000 universities and colleges in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, among others.

We are a socially active platform by the students, for the students. We use the concept of “near-peer” mentoring and AI/ML to assist in decision making. Current students are passionate to guide aspirants on YEL as they feel they were misguided when they were applying to study abroad.

It is our aim to help you find opportunities for higher education and become agents of development in your own countries and the rest of the world.

Our Vision

At YEL we aspire to make global education accessible to every student through the application of digital data and analytics, so that the study abroad admission process becomes fun and hassle free. We believe that each student deserves an opportunity for a great career and we work towards building a future where the students are at comfort and ease while taking decisions related to higher education in a different country.

Our Ethics

We are committed to the highest standards of business conduct in our relationships with each other, our users and partners. Our success is earned through hard work, responsiveness to client and employee needs, and fairness in all business practices. All employees are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the spirit as well as the Code of Ethics and always maintain the highest standards of integrity when conducting business.